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We are a Training, Crowd Funding, Investment and Charity based initiative

De Ambassadors Entrepreneur Club (AEC) is designed to help members realise their dreams by providing them with basic entrepreneurship and leadership training, business aid, grants ,access to loans and platforms necessary for wealth creation and positive social impact. De Ambassadors Entrepreneur Club (AEC) is designed to help both emerging and established entrepreneurs to be able to navigate challenges associated with starting, managing and sustaining Business success.


Our goal is to eliminate barriers to business success


We exist to empower people to create wealth and overcome poverty through entrepreneurship training and access to; funding and investors, partnerships and market

We achieve this through our ICP package for members.

(1). Provide Basic Business Information
(2). Opportunity to raise business Capital
(3). Partner with you through our mentoring and business counseling program,




Members of De Ambassadors Entrepreneur Club engage in charity projects locally and globally. You can become part of our charitable programs by your physical participation in any of our charity activities or simply by making a donation.


Project WISE

Project WISE is Women Integrated Social Enterprise, and it's designed to empower women to overcome poverty through training, technology, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and enable women to integrate into the work/labour force.


Business Training & Talkshow

We organize business training and skill acquisition program online and offline for members. Members are free to attend any of our talk shows, conferences or summit for free or at a highly discounted rate. More details about our talk show, conferences and summits will be made available.


Crowd Funding

You have the opportunity to access funding for your business through our crowd funding initiative. Send in your business idea and we advertised it to potential investors.


Mr.Oba Boniface Omozuapo is the Founder and President of De Ambassadors Entrepreneur Club. He is a trained physicist turn Social entrepreneurship specialist whose love for entrepreneurial activities led him to acquire several certifications in different areas of entrepreneurship practice. He is the CEO of O and S services Network ltd, Co-Founder of Ades te Fidelis Capital Ltd, CEO of DE Ambassadors, Founder and President of Biblical Information for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Initiative and Presiding Minister of God’s Kingdom Ambassadors.

Creating Wealth and Transforming Lives.